Are zygomatic implants a solution for me?

What are zygomatic implants?

Zygomatic implants are a solution for people with severe bone loss. Specifically, it is a solution when the loss of bone in the mouth is so severe that it is impossible to place regular implants safely. They are longer than regular implants, anchor in the cheekbone, and offer four stabilizing points for a fixed denture.

Are they a solution for me?

Above all, a thorough diagnostic is essential to provide an answer. Our patients contacted us with different medical complaints, ranging from a progressive loss of quality of life to the desire to eat, bite, and laugh like before. Furthermore, they usually suffered from a complex dental history, including, for instance, implant loss or several surgeries already. Zygomatic implants are now the safest solution for having an implant-supported fixed denture when little to no bone is available anymore. Bone loss may also be a consequence of the prolonged use of a removable denture.

The treatment with zygomatic implants is a life-changing solution. The clinical team delivers fixed teeth 24h after the surgical procedure, allowing each patient to continue social life. This approach is an advanced procedure that only trained and experienced surgeons perform. ZAGA Centers are certified and internationally recognized excellence centers for treating severe bone loss with zygomatic implants. More importantly, the objective of the ZAGA Centers is to understand each patient’s requirements and complaints deeply. They are multidisciplinary in their practice and will propose the best solution for you. It may or may not include zygomatic implants, but will increase your dental quality of life. Finally, prevention is essential for your dental health. Although the ZAGA Centers treat complications from other dental offices, their objective always remains the patient’s well-being. Contact the closest ZAGA Center to know if zygomatic implants are a solution for you.