What are Dental Zygomatic Implants?


Zygomatic implants are longer than conventional dental implants. They connect higher up in the facial bones for people who have been losing bone mass around the mouth. Specifically, they anchor into the zygomatic bone (also named cheekbone). One of the distinguishing characteristics of the zygomatic bone is that, unlike the bone around the mouth, tooth (or dental implant) loss does not cause its atrophy. The zygomatic bone does not weaken or disappear over time. The causes of maxillary atrophy are diverse. The consequences of maxillary atrophy include the use of removable dentures and associated complications.

Uses and Indications of Dental Zygomatic Implants

A fixed set of teeth can be secured onto zygomatic implants when very little bone prevents regular implant placement. Therefore, the denture is a fixed denture, not a removable one. Function and aesthetics significantly increase and give back the quality of life to each patient. In only 24h, the surgery takes place, and the surgeon places the fixed set of teeth onto the implants. Each dental surgeon will define during the diagnostic and treatment plan the number of zygomatic implants and, sometimes, regular dental implants to use. Usually, a zygomatic implant treatment requires between 2 and 4 implants.

Only experienced dental surgeons use zygomatic implants. The surgical treatment is more complicated than the one for regular dental implants. The surgical procedure is longer. However, in only 24h, the prosthodontist delivers fixed teeth anchored on implants. Finally, zygomatic implants represent a solution for the patients unable to receive dental implants because of their lack of bone. The use of zygomatic implants helps prevent complications arising from the use of bone grafts, for instance. Therefore, zygomatic implants are the preferred option for treating tooth loss in patients with severe bone loss. Scientific, peer-reviewed publications show the reliability, safety, and long-term success of the zygomatic implants treatments. More importantly, the patients are happy with the function and aesthetics of their new set of teeth.

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