The best professionals for zygomatic implants: the ZAGA Centers

Do I need zygomatic implants?

Before looking for the best professionals for zygomatic implants, a thorough, precise diagnostic and treatment plan is vital. This type of therapy is should only be a solution when severe bone loss is present. The lack of bone preventing the placement of regular dental implants is the right indication. From a general point of view, the reasons our patients came to a first visit were dental implant loss or prolonged use of a removable denture. So, if you are looking for an implant-supported set of teeth and may live one of the situations mentioned above, please contact us. The ZAGA Centers will take the time to understand your position and accurately diagnose it. Also, they are multi-specialties dental centers, allowing the design of ideal treatment plans for each patient.

ZAGA Centers, the best professionals for zygomatic implants

Above all, the ZAGA Centers are certified experts in zygomatic implant treatments. All ZAGA Centers around the world have designated team members specialized in this procedure. They have experience and training in this specialty—also, the ZAGA Professionals and recognized members of scientific communities. This is the reason why the ZAGA Centers are the best professionals for zygomatic implants. Patients come first, always. The professionals at your service follow the ZAGA Concept, a way of designing the treatment plan to match each patient’s expectations. The treatment is thus patient-specific. It adapts to your anatomy and requirements. Certification is demanding and leads to a minimal selection of locations globally. Finally, zygomatic implant treatments are advanced treatments and only trained clinicians should perform it.

What the patients say

Over the years, satisfied patients have chosen to share their testimonial to help other patients. Discover all testimonials here. In a nutshell, they describe a feeling of peace when eating, and of happiness when socially interacting with friends and family.