What is ZAGA, ZAGA Centers, and the ZAGA Philosophy?

ZAGA is a methodology developed by some of the top practitioners in the field of dentistry. Many years ago they saw the need for a less intrusive, more patient-centered approach for helping patients with severe bone loss in their jaws. Since these patients couldn’t receive normal implants and the other methods were very intrusive and time-consuming, they came up with this effective methodology and have been improving it ever since.

ZAGA Centers are top clinics around the world that have expert teams that have intensively studied and practiced the methodology. They all work together to promote better understanding and implementation of the procedure for as many patients as possible. So they work with your local dentist to develop a program best suited to your specific needs and conditions.

The ZAGA philosophy is simply that all we do is customized to you. Your individual characteristics and needs are the main elements considered when designing a treatment plan and deciding what materials or implants will be used.