What is ZAGA, ZAGA Centers, and the ZAGA Zygomatic Concept?

What is the ZAGA Zygomatic Concept?

ZAGA is a concept aiming at adapting the treatment plan to each patient. Consequently, this approach embraces the fact that our anatomy is unique. When zygomatic implants enter the surgical treatment, a thorough understanding of each patient’s anatomy is key to success. ZAGA is an acronym for the “Zygoma Anatomy guided Approach.” Far from a surgical technique only, the ZAGA Concept influences the whole treatment journey. The objective of this concept is to solve each patient’s dental problem according to each patient’s requirements and limitations and to focus on the final quality of life. 

Where does the ZAGA Concept originate?

ZAGA is a methodology elaborated by some of the most experienced practitioners in the field of dentistry. Around 15 years back, they identified the need for a less invasive, more patient-centered approach for helping patients with severe bone loss in their jaws. Thus, since these patients couldn’t receive standard dental implants, and the other methods were very invasive and time-consuming, they designed this effective methodology.

What is the ZAGA Center Network?

ZAGA Centers are certified dental and zygomatic implants experts around the world. They count on highly trained teams that have intensively studied and practiced the ZAGA Zygomatic Concept. Furthermore, they work together as a network to promote a better understanding and implementation of the procedure. Each ZAGA Center is unique at its location, and part of a global network. This is the reason why there are few ZAGA Centers in the world. Consequently, the ZAGA Center stays up to date regarding the best practices. Finally, you can contact a ZAGA Center in your country using the contact forms on this website. You will be directly in contact with the team at the location you choose. We believe personal connection is essential, especially given the severity of the problems our patients have.