How long does it take to complete the treatment with zygomatic implants?


Dental treatment with zygomatic implants takes place in several phases. First, the procedure begins with a correct, thorough diagnostic. This includes X-Ray imaging, for instance, and a buccal exploration. If you meet all diagnostic criteria, the dental specialist will identify that the best option for you is the use of zygomatic implants. He or she will explain the procedure, the associated benefits, and risks associated with the process in detail. You will have a complete overview of the treatment plan from start to finish.

Surgical procedure for zygomatic implants

The surgery for zygomatic implants takes place, and you receive the fixed set of teeth 24h later. Both local anesthesia and general anesthesia are standard and will depend on several factors, including your preferences. The fixed set of teeth are mounted on the implants the day after. You can now recover from the surgery following guidelines your specialist will give you. The surgical procedure of the treatment with zygomatic implants is life-changing.

Life with zygomatic implants

Once a few months passed after the surgical procedure, you will receive a final set of fixed teeth that will fill the little gaps between your unswollen gums and the prosthesis. This last set of teeth will be highly functional and aesthetic. It lasts for years. The dental office will invite you for a yearly check-up and cleaning of the implants and set of teeth. This is a non-surgical annual meeting where you follow-up with your dentist for half an hour. Above all, and starting right after the surgical procedure, it is time to recover your quality of life. It is time to start living again. You will be able to eat, smile, laugh without worrying about losing the prosthesis. You will not require dental adhesives anymore. Enjoy your new smile, and show it off to the world!