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Zygomatic Implants Testimonials

zygomatic implant testimony María Ángeles

“Now I can smile, eat everything and have a normal life again”

“I have had implants for 30 years, until one day, the upper implant denture broke. At that moment, I knew that my life was going to change rapidly because I couldn’t do anything. I could no longer eat, drink, or smile.

My family and I were discussing my case with various specialists until we got in touch with a nurse that was working with Dr. Victor de Paz. She encouraged me to talk with him about my case since he was specializing in zygomatic treatment that couldn’t be done by a regular dental surgeon since it is a very complex procedure that requires a surgeon with years of experience and practice placing zygomatic dental implants.

The first moment Dr. Paz and I met, all of my worries disappeared. He cheered me up, he told me that my life won’t be limited to eating soups. He told me I would be able to eat everything, smile, and have a normal life again.

The approach of Dr. Paz and his team from the beginning was incredible, very human, they gave me confidence, they cheered me up to go through the treatment, and well, the whole experience was phenomenal.

I can not say anything else but thank to the whole team. All of them were supporting me and they helped me resolve my uncertainties. Always empathetic, supportive, and encouraging. Honestly, I can not say anything else but thanks to all of them. You are the best!”

Now I can eat everything I want, but, most importantly, I can laugh again without being worried about the prosthesis that is loose and unstable.

“Life with a moving prosthesis is very complicated. Of course, one can get used to it but honestly, it is very sad that one has to limit themselves like that. Limit the smile, the eating habits… . So, yes, I am tremendously thankful, my life has changed for the better thanks to Dr. Paz and his team. Thank you so much!”

“I am no longer afraid that my teeth will fall”

Zygomatic Implants Testimonials Cecilia

“I have had a history in my life, from the mouth: I have always suffered. It is one of my weak points. Although I have always taken care of myself, things had become very complicated and I suffered a lot. I have had many cavities since I was little. The calcium? You could see I was missing. I had implants both above and below. Although they did it to me twice, they failed and then they told me that the only solution I had was to wear a denture.

For a few years, I have been wearing dentures like older people. The truth is that it had many drawbacks. I suffered a lot. I couldn’t eat well. I got many sores and the dentures always moved. And I spent all these sufferings alone; because these are things that you don’t like to explain either and also that I was rather young… The point is that in the end, I suffered; I lost a lot of weight: I couldn’t eat well, I couldn’t socialize. When I went to the beach I also had to be careful with the waves: I always had to put a lot of glue. Finally, I realized that I had to find another solution. The people who treated me didn’t know anymore. I found Dr. Aparicio online and saw good reviews too. So I came here, to see what could be done”

On the day of the surgery, the surgical team placed zygomatic implants above and regular implants below. That same day they also took prints to have fixed teeth the next day.

“Yes, right. That day was long. My life has changed totally. It’s funny that, if I had known, I would have done it sooner. I did not know this solution to my case, because it is a difficult one… and you are not explaining it to anyone either. You also do not have information and when you listen to certain professionals, they do not know it. I have been very lucky because my life has totally changed. I think I have taken years off myself. Even though I am 52 years old, there will always be a before and an after. I don’t know what will happen in the future, but this last month, I have a much fuller social life: I want to go out, talk, speak normally.

I am no longer afraid of my teeth moving, I am no longer afraid of dentures falling with the waves of the sea, when I play sports, I can laugh, I can speak, I sing … I do not have to hook my teeth in the morning, nor the glass of water at night, even for my husband… It is everything: quality of life. I have improved a lot and I am very happy; I would like to share it also with people who have this. Of course, only the people who suffer from this know what it is. If there is someone who lives this and also has some discomfort or a problem similar to mine … come here. They will welcome her very well and the doctor, well, he’s worth an empire. He travels a lot; but he will be there for them, for that person.

Whether you are young or old, I think they can solve it and if they cannot, for some reason, if someone is worse than mine, they will tell you. Because they are very honest people and it is clear to them. I am very happy to have gone through a small sacrifice, or a big one, which is like … well, then you forget and realize that it is worth it. I recommend it to people who have my problem. And remember that you are brave, you are brave …”

“Few people know how zygomatic implants could help them”

Zygomatic Implants Testimonials Manuel

In the interview after the surgery, Manuel has been very happy, and has smiled during the whole conversation. He told us that he was to his family doctor, from CAP (national health centre in Spain) and the doctor asked him how he was doing after the zygomatic implants surgery. The patient’s response was “very well”.

The main concern of the family doctor was to know where the surgeon placed the implants because he knew that our patient suffering from severe maxillary atrophy and doesn’t have a lot of bone in the upper part of the mouth. Manuel, our patient, explained to him that the ZAGA technique implies to place long implants up in the zygomatic bone. At that moment his doctor was surprised, he was unaware of this type of rehabilitation. As a doctor, of course, he knew about the zygomatic bone but he didn’t know that is possible to place dental implants up there.

Manuel thinks there are few people who know it and he told us an anecdote about a young doctor that was completely surprised about the intervention and didn’t know exactly how to act at the moment that the patient came to her for a prescription. Manuel told us that when he entered into the consultation office… she wanted to call the ambulance because of course, she saw him with those bruises. The young doctor asked what had happened to him and if he needed an ambulance. At the end of this interview, our patient, Manuel concludes that the treatment with zygomatic implants should be more popular because in this moment he doesn’t know so many people that are aware of this type of dental rehabilitation.

“I thought that I would never have fixed teeth again.”

Zygomatic Testimonial M Angeles

I am currently 58 years old. In Mexico, and even more so when I was born, dentistry was not really advanced. So whatever cavities you had, they pulled out your tooth. Later, I had an accident while in the army: I fell off a 10-meter springboard and lost my front pieces. The implants started and being in the medical field, I got someone to do traditional implants. I was still young: I was about 35 years old and it ended in a disaster because I had a tooth included in the palate and they removed it with almost half of the maxilla and that caused the implants that I had already to fail.

They told me that they can place a few smaller ones, that they can do an elevation of the maxillary sinus, which is basically putting bones to heal, to implant them. They tried to do that but they never osseointegrated and fell off. Finally, about five or six years ago I already had to use the removable prosthesis, with everything that it means: glue … I really like to sing and I gave medical talks: I am a gynecologist but I could no longer do it, nor did I see patients because he was talking weird or suddenly the prosthesis was falling off.

I think that I have adapted well to use the removable prosthesis but it is always the lack of self-esteem and lack of security because it is going to take off or it shows when you laugh. Then I started researching and started with who had the most experience. Then I found Dr. Carlos Aparicio. I wrote to him, like go and knock on the door. I say I am so-and-so, sent him some panoramic views of what was happening to me … He said to me, “Well, you have to take the tomography now and send it to me.” This,  if apparently you are a case of severe maxillary atrophy, would go well with zygomatic implants.

Then for 5 years, I was flirting with him, let’s say, talking to him, telling him that if he came to Mexico or a closer location… I sent my DICOM files, not without being in trouble before because the economic situation in Mexico is so hard but there is the opportunity and they made it easy for me.

And how have you become convinced that zygomatic implants are the solution for you?

Because all the x-rays and everything I saw is that I don’t just have atrophy, I have no jaw, there really is nowhere to put me an implant. I don’t have, it’s so severe atrophy I have no maxilla. I’m the only one … what is for this atrophy? And well the only thing there is possible are bone implants or zygomatic. All of the smallest or short ones are when there is some bone and I don’t have anything. 

After surgery

I am amazed and very grateful to Dr. Aparicio, Radu, David Pastorino because regardless of the medical treatment, and this is an “excellent”, they are very good people and have treated us in an incredible way. I can tell you it’s a dream, I thought that I would never have fixed teeth again. Several doctors had already told me that it was not possible, that everything was very difficult. So finding Dr. Carlos was lucky for me and it’s like a miracle.

“For the past ten years, I feel I was born with these teeth.”

Zygomatic Implants Testimonials T Marcos

I had to use a removable prosthetics from a very young age. It made me feel inferior to the other children around me. So, I spoke and laughed very little because I didn’t want to show my braces. All of this turned into a very grave problem, my face and mouth began to distort. During my first visit, Dr. Aparicio asked me to smile with my mouth wide open but I couldn’t, I said that I hadn’t smiled like that for years. […] I then had the Zygomatic surgery. For the past ten years, from that moment until now, I feel I was born with these teeth. I talk a lot and laugh and am a much more sociable person. Nobody at home knows how much it cost me.

“When I saw myself with the new dentures, my heart swelled with joy.”

Zygomatic Implants Testimonials R Arribas

13 years ago I was diagnosed with advanced periodontitis which needed to be treated. However, since I wasn’t in pain, I left it alone until […] one of my molars in my bottom jaw began to give me severe pain. I went to my dentist and the result couldn’t be more discouraging: almost all my teeth were extremely loose and I might have lost a lot of bone. I went home completely devastated. Dr. Aparicio and his team treated me with compassion, affection, and professionalism, explaining every moment of the treatment. The treatment was April 15th and was done under local anesthesia. The process was long, lasted almost 8 hours, because they had to take out all the pieces of teeth (26 in total) and install 2 zygomatic implants, as well as other implants into the top and bottom mandible. The next day, we returned to install the provisional prosthetic – both the top and the bottom – I was given general instructions (cleaning, diet, etc.), and when I looked in the mirror and saw myself with the new dentures, my heart swelled with joy. I would like to highlight the following points:

  • At the risk of repeating myself, the compassion and the professionalism with which Dr. Carlos Aparicio and Dr. Wafaa Ouzzani and the rest of their team treated me really calmed me down and made me much more receptive to the treatment.
  • During the operation, I never felt any pain, because the anesthetist was there the whole time, monitoring and controlling.
  • Afterward, I felt no pain either, although there was obviously a little irritation (stitching, gums healing, etc.)

“Now, I can bite into apples!”

Zygomatic Implants Testimonials AM Mielgo

I have three children and as my family was growing, my dental problems were also growing. I was missing a lot of bone, they told me I needed bone grafts in the sinus area but I chose not to do it. That is until I contacted Dr. Aparicio and he convinced me of a different way of placing implants. I had surgery on 28.10.1999. He used his technology of inclined implants and we didn’t need bone grafts. I had one wish… to be able to eat an apple like when I was a little girl. And now, I CAN BITE INTO APPLES!

“I can certainly say that my life has changed.”

Zygomatic Implants Testimonials J De La Serna

Allow me to use my own words, because, despite the lack of technical jargon, they are honest. Sick of having false teeth and suffering physically and mentally, I spoke with my dentist to see if it would be convenient to get some sort of implant. His response was, “Impossible,” because the bone was eroding and no prosthetic would support the necessary implants. […] I pictured myself old and decrepit, only able to drink water. A little later, I took a trip to the EU for research and was very impressed with the effectiveness of Dr. Aparicio’s process. He explained the entire procedure and the success rate to me. He also told me the price and although it wasn’t an easy decision, we (the whole family) decided to proceed. From the moment I made that decision, I can certainly say (like others I imagine) that my life has changed. That is why I genuinely appreciate the treatment I received, both at a personal level and as well as the professionalism demonstrated at all times by everybody on the team.

“I can certainly say that my life has changed.”

Zygomatic Implants Testimonials J Cadenas

Testimonial: Smile with zygomatic implants

Today, JC smiles with zygomatic implants and shares his testimonial with us. He wishes to provides other patients with his feelings and happiness. A few years have passed since he had the surgery. Now, JC confidently smiles when being photographed. It is especially important for him as he inherited a passion for photography from his father.

JC’s testimonial, Smile with Zygomatic Implants

“My father was a photographer. I inherited his passion for photography. However, I did not like being in front of the camera. Old photos showed that my mouth was in bad shape. I couldn’t eat or laugh properly, and I finally decided to get it all fixed. Then, the zygomatic implant surgery took place. I chose complete sedation because I didn’t want to know anything. Everything went very well and I now go for a checkup annually. I am so happy. I can eat almost everything – I am careful with hard food. On top of that, I smile without worrying when we take family pictures!”

More insights into his testimonial

JC’s passion for photography links to the aesthetics of the final prosthesis patients receive. The final set of fixed teeth looks and feels like natural ones. JC is still cautious when eating hard food. Usually, professionals recommend a soft diet for four months after the surgery. Then, patients can eat and bite as with natural teeth. JC doesn’t miss any yearly checkups. He knows this routine visit at the dental office ensures the long-term success of the procedure. In very few cases, complications may appear. The ZAGA Centers are experts in treating the complications related to this treatment. More importantly, they are professionals in making patients smile again with zygomatic implants. Finally, JC’s is self-confident again. As an indicator of his quality of life, self-confidence represents one of his treatment plans’ objectives. Indeed, each treatment plan adapts to the complaints and personal goals of the patient.

“I can chew, laugh, and speak without fear of losing the prosthetic”

Zygomatic Implants Testimonials D Fernandez

I’ve now had Zygomatic implants for over thirteen years. Since I was eight, I’ve had problems with cavities and continuous infections affecting various teeth. At 19 I received a partial prosthetic, bridging together the parts I still had left. Because of this condition, I was consumed by severe depression and didn’t want to go out in public. The prosthetics lasted only a few years and ended up breaking.

Today, with the four Zygomatic implants, the prosthetic is perfectly secure. My life changed drastically thirteen years ago. For the first time in years, I can chew, laugh, and speak without fear of losing the prosthetic… all of that thanks to Doctor Aparicio. Not only is he an amazing professional, but he understands you and treats you with kindness, sympathy, and affection, he reassures you. I put myself in his hands, and thanks to him, my life has changed completely. I’m a different person.

“The fear and insecurity that had hounded me disappeared forever.”

Zygomatic Implants Testimonials R Benet

“As a result of losing several of my teeth over the years, I had to endure wearing an uncomfortable and difficult top dental prosthetic. It gave me nausea and heaves. No matter what I ate, I couldn’t escape. To make it even worse, the prosthetics were very thin and fragile, a danger to my health and security. They broke frequently and every time I traveled I had to research the address of emergency prosthetics in the place I was going to. I used those services more than once. I went to see Dr. Aparicio and was convinced in my first visit that it was worth putting myself in his team’s care.

They performed the Zygomatic implant surgery on me in November 1998. Leaving the clinic, I immediately began a normal life, which I am living to this day. My “celebration” was a ribeye steak, which I hadn’t tasted in a long time!  My life changed for the better 14 years ago. The fear and insecurity that had hounded me disappeared forever. I want to express my gratitude to the team and particularly to Dr. Aparicio – you solved my dental problems. Thank you!”

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  1. Dear sir, Madame, for years now I’ve suffered with my teeth due to a terrible alcohol addiction I n my late teens now in my forties I’m I just don’t where to turn my dentist wants to pull them all and have dentures but implants are the only treatment I could possibly consider as I’ve family members have them and the the negatives are to much I considered them until my mother was singing ina kareoke bar and the top set flew across the room ,after that insider I thought not a chance is that going to happen to Meno matter what they say about fixodent ! But the only obstacle stoping me from getting implants are the cost , so I’m enquiring into any suggestions you may have such as payment plans etc as I’m desperate my speech has altered i cannot or rather don’t smile because it’s embarrassing I’m afraid of speaking to anyone incase they see me teeth or what’s left of them I should say , so I’m praying for some kind of help as I’ve run into wall after wall . Thank you .lee jones

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  3. I have dentures and my bottom plate keeps coming up every time I eat something or when I’m talking I have been dealing with this for years. I don’t like going out to eat or talk to much because my bottom plate will come out,I been trying to find a dentist to help me. I have been to different places trying to get my mouth fixed but they tell me the samething I have bone loss in the bottom

    1. Dear Linda, many of our patients are afraid their dentures would loosen up while eating or talking. Let me suggest you reach out to the closest certified center to solve this problem. You can find them here:
      All the best,

  4. I have severe bone loss of my maxilla . Bone grafts and sinus lift has not helped
    I have implants on my lower teeth , but cannot even wear upper dentures due to bone loss . I have been asked to get zygomatic implants do you know anyone in Long Island or I can come to NY city to get an opinion

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