Fixed teeth on zygomatic implants

How does it work?

After the zygomatic implants are placed, and generally within 24 hours of the procedure, you will receive a fixed denture of temporary teeth called an “immediate prosthesis.” It can also be called “fixed prosthesis”, “fixed denture”, or “fixed prosthesis”. This is a fixed set of teeth anchored on the implants. They recover all your upper teeth. They are not removable and are stable when eating or smiling. In other words, you cannot lose them. Only hygiene is necessary. The ZAGA Center will provide all the detail you need to know to maintain your fixed set of teeth properly. Additionally, the Center will schedule yearly check-ups to follow up and make sure you are doing well. 

Then, after four months of healing, you will receive a set of permanent, stable, and attractive teeth that look and feel real. The final set of teeth will correct the small imperfections arising from the gum tissue’s unswelling after the surgery. Before receiving the final teeth, experts recommend eating a soft diet. Discover the main characteristics of the fixed teeth on zygomatic implants?

Fixed teeth on zygomatic implants

The fixed teeth on zygomatic implants present several benefits. First, the quality of life linked to eating will be back. You can bite and masticate well without fear of losing the prosthesis. Then, you will be able to smile confidently and regain trust for a great social life. From a family dinner to a job interview, a fixed set of teeth provides self-confidence.

Fixed teeth on zygomatic implants last for years. The regular check-up with the dental office includes the thorough cleaning of the prosthesis and a non-invasive oral examination. The team will also evaluate your quality of life to make sure you are happy and satisfied with the results. Your only worry will then be to start smiling again!