“The fear and insecurity that had hounded me disappeared forever.”

R. Benet

“As a result of losing several of my teeth over the years, I had to endure wearing an uncomfortable and difficult top dental prosthetic. It gave me nausea and heaves. No matter what I ate, I couldn’t escape. To make it even worse, the prosthetics were very thin and fragile, a danger to my health and security. They broke frequently and every time I traveled I had to research the address of emergency prosthetics in the place I was going to. I used those services more than once. I went to see Dr. Aparicio and was convinced in my first visit that it was worth putting myself in his team’s care. They performed the Zygomatic implant surgery on me in November 1998. Leaving the clinic, I immediately began a normal life, which I am living to this day. My “celebration” was a ribeye steak, which I hadn’t tasted in a long time!  My life changed for the better 14 years ago. The fear and insecurity that had hounded me disappeared forever. I want to express my gratitude to the team and particularly to Dr. Aparicio – you solved my dental problems. Thank you!”