“When I saw myself with the new dentures, my heart swelled with joy.”

R. Arribas

13 years ago I was diagnosed with advanced periodontitis which needed to be treated. However, since I wasn’t in pain, I left it alone until […] one of my molars in my bottom jaw began to give me severe pain. I went to my dentist and the result couldn’t be more discouraging: almost all my teeth were extremely loose and I might have lost a lot of bone. I went home completely devastated. Dr. Aparicio and his team treated me with compassion, affection, and professionalism, explaining every moment of the treatment. The treatment was April 15th and was done under local anesthesia. The process was long, lasted almost 8 hours, because they had to take out all the pieces of teeth (26 in total) and install 2 zygomatic implants, as well as other implants into the top and bottom mandible. The next day, we returned to install the provisional prosthetic – both the top and the bottom – I was given general instructions (cleaning, diet, etc.), and when I looked in the mirror and saw myself with the new dentures, my heart swelled with joy. I would like to highlight the following points:

  • At the risk of repeating myself, the compassion and the professionalism with which Dr. Carlos Aparicio and Dr. Wafaa Ouzzani and the rest of their team treated me really calmed me down and made me much more receptive to the treatment.
  • During the operation, I never felt any pain, because the anesthetist was there the whole time, monitoring and controlling.
  • Afterward, I felt no pain either, although there was obviously a little irritation (stitching, gums healing, etc.)

Big Kisses