“Few people know how zygomatic implants could help them”


Hi Manuel, how are you? Hi Maye, how are we? Very well … Well … Very happy… This is it, we have finished the interview.

I was with the doctor, with our family doctor, from CAP (national health center in Spain) and he asked me how I was doing because two months ago we had not seen because he fell off the bike and broke the femur … well total, I was there. Well, I say: very well. But hey where did the implants put you? They put it here … and he looked at me like this … he hallucinated, that he was unaware of as a doctor, of course, he knows that this is zygomatic bone but he didn’t know that this could be put up here.

I mean … I think there are few people who know it and the girl who was replacing him, a young girl, I imagine that just finished university. Come on, she had no idea, she did not know what it was called zygomatic bone. Ok nor did she not know that this could be done. Because when I entered the consultation to be given … she wanted to call the ambulance because of course, she saw me with those bruises and she asked me what had happened to me, the girl, all scared: Hey, do I have to call the ambulance? … No, no, please. I’m fine, so … This treatment is totally unknown to many people.

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