“I thought that I would never have fixed teeth again.”

Angeles M.

I am currently 58 years old. In Mexico, and even more so when I was born, dentistry was not really advanced. So whatever cavities you had, they pulled out your tooth.

Later, I had an accident while in the army: I fell off a 10-meter springboard and lost my front pieces. The implants started and being in the medical field, I got someone to do traditional implants. I was still young: I was about 35 years old and it ended in a disaster because I had a tooth included in the palate and they removed it with almost half of the maxilla and that caused the implants that I had already to fail.

They told me that they can place a few smaller ones, that they can do an elevation of the maxillary sinus, which is basically putting bones to heal, to implant them. They tried to do that but they never osseointegrated and fell off. Finally, about five or six years ago I already had to use the removable prosthesis, with everything that it means: glue … I really like to sing and I gave medical talks: I am a gynecologist but I could no longer do it, nor did I see patients because he was talking weird or suddenly the prosthesis was falling off.

I think that I have adapted well to use the removable prosthesis but it is always the lack of self-esteem and lack of security because it is going to take off or it shows when you laugh. Then I started researching and started with who had the most experience. Then I found Dr. Carlos Aparicio. I wrote to him, like go and knock on the door. I say I am so-and-so, sent him some panoramic views of what was happening to me … He said to me, “Well, you have to take the tomography now and send it to me.” This,  if apparently you are a case of severe maxillary atrophy, would go well with zygomatic implants. Then for 5 years, I was flirting with him, let’s say, talking to him, telling him that if he came to Mexico or a closer location… I sent my DICOM files, not without being in trouble before because the economic situation in Mexico is so hard but there is the opportunity and they made it easy for me.

And how have you become convinced that zygomatic implants are the solution for you?

Because all the x-rays and everything I saw is that I don’t just have atrophy, I have no jaw, there really is nowhere to put me an implant. I don’t have, it’s so severe atrophy I have no maxilla. I’m the only one … what is for this atrophy? And well the only thing there is possible are bone implants or zygomatic. All of the smallest or short ones are when there is some bone and I don’t have anything. 

After surgery

I am amazed and very grateful to Dr. Aparicio, Radu, David Pastorino because regardless of the medical treatment, and this is an “excellent”, they are very good people and have treated us in an incredible way. I can tell you it’s a dream, I thought that I would never have fixed teeth again. Several doctors had already told me that it was not possible, that everything was very difficult. So finding Dr. Carlos was lucky for me and it’s like a miracle.

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