“I can certainly say that my life has changed.”

J. de la Serna

Allow me to use my own words, because, despite the lack of technical jargon, they are honest. Sick of having false teeth and suffering physically and mentally, I spoke with my dentist to see if it would be convenient to get some sort of implant. His response was, “Impossible,” because the bone was eroding and no prosthetic would support the necessary implants. […] I pictured myself old and decrepit, only able to drink water. A little later, I took a trip to the EU for research and was very impressed with the effectiveness of Dr. Aparicio’s process. He explained the entire procedure and the success rate to me. He also told me the price and although it wasn’t an easy decision, we (the whole family) decided to proceed. From the moment I made that decision, I can certainly say (like others I imagine) that my life has changed. That is why I genuinely appreciate the treatment I received, both at a personal level and as well as the professionalism demonstrated at all times by everybody on the team.