Testimonial: Smile with zygomatic implants

Today, JC smiles with zygomatic implants and shares his testimonial with us. He wishes to provides other patients with his feelings and happiness. A few years have passed since he had the surgery. Now, JC confidently smiles when being photographed. It is especially important for him as he inherited a passion for photography from his father.

JC’s testimonial, Smile with Zygomatic Implants

“My father was a photographer. I inherited his passion for photography. However, I did not like being in front of the camera. Old photos showed that my mouth was in bad shape. I couldn’t eat or laugh properly, and I finally decided to get it all fixed. Then, the zygomatic implant surgery took place. I chose complete sedation because I didn’t want to know anything. Everything went very well and I now go for a checkup annually. I am so happy. I can eat almost everything – I am careful with hard food. On top of that, I smile without worrying when we take family pictures!”

More insights into his testimonial

JC’s passion for photography links to the aesthetics of the final prosthesis patients receive. The final set of fixed teeth looks and feels like natural ones. JC is still cautious when eating hard food. Usually, professionals recommend a soft diet for four months after the surgery. Then, patients can eat and bite as with natural teeth. JC doesn’t miss any yearly checkups. He knows this routine visit at the dental office ensures the long-term success of the procedure. In very few cases, complications may appear. The ZAGA Centers are experts in treating the complications related to this treatment. More importantly, they are professionals in making patients smile again with zygomatic implants. Finally, JC’s is self-confident again. As an indicator of his quality of life, self-confidence represents one of his treatment plans’ objectives. Indeed, each treatment plan adapts to the complaints and personal goals of the patient.