Zygomatic implant failure: is it possible?

How rare is it?

The success rate of zygomatic implant treatments is high. It has increased over the past 20 years and overcome a few years back the treatments using bone grafts. Zygomatic implant failure is rare. Each zygomatic implant is unique because each patient’s dental history is unique. Zygomatic implant treatments represent the last and only option for patients suffering from severe bone loss. For instance, this can be due to implant loss or the use of a removable denture for a long time.

The zygomatic implant treatment involves the placement of one or up to 4 implants in the cheekbone to support fixed teeth. As with any surgical procedure, there is always a risk for complications. Therefore, preventing these complications is an objective of the ZAGA Centers. They have experience and continuously educate themselves as a network to provide the safest treatments possible. As experts, they also support local dental offices by treating their complications.

What solutions for zygomatic implant failure?

There are few options to deal with the unsuccessful placement of a zygomatic implant. Patients who lost their teeth and currently suffer from severe bone loss have a single opportunity to recover fixed teeth. Hence, the process has to be performed right on the first try. This is why it is best to rely on a highly specialized center for the restoration of extreme bone loss with zygomatic implants. ZAGA Center staff are highly trained and prepared for a variety of challenges.

A thorough diagnostic, a personalized treatment plan, and an experienced team of experts are necessary ingredients for successful treatment. The ZAGA Centers are multidisciplinary experts in the field of dentistry. They provide a solution for your dental problem covering all its aspects: quality of life, pain, social life, aesthetics. Consequently, they will recommend using zygomatic implants only if no other treatment option is possible. The treatments aim at being minimally-invasive and conservative.