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The art of

Smiling Again


The Problem(s)

Our teeth are one of the few organs not able to regenerate over time. This is why, over time, tooth decay may happen. Also, this can be accelerated by severe periodontitis or osteoporosis for instance. Accidents, alcohol consumption or smoking, can also lead to losing one or several teeth. Today, dental implants often allow replacing a missing tooth. Rarely, dental implants fail and leave you with no tooth and no bone to place another implant! Also, you may be missing several or all teeth. Using a removable denture is a solution with a few drawbacks: cleaning can be complex, and the feeling of eating is not as good as with your natural dentition. Chewing particular food can become a real challenge! Are you looking for a fixed denture to recover all your teeth and your smile?

the art of smiling again 5

their impact

Dental problems have a high impact on your overall quality of life. The lack of several teeth, also called partial edentulism, leads to severe limitations when chewing or eating. Furthermore, it impacts your social life and reduces your self-confidence. Smiling slowly becomes a very complex exercise. Scientific studies further demonstrate what every single patient with dental problems already experiences. Missing a tooth is now seen as a social handicap (Davis, D. et al. The emotional effects of tooth loss: a preliminary quantitative study. Br Dent J).
If you suffer from partial or total edentulism, keep reading!

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3 Steps to get your smile back

The network of certified ZAGA Centers focuses on understanding each patient's unique needs. They provide each of them with the safest, most adapted personalized solution to smile again.

1. Contact us

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2. Meet your Doctor

“Moving forward first requires a step to be taken” — and this is the first visit at the ZAGA Center. You will meet the team that will accompany you through your journey to get your smile back. A full diagnostic will take place, and a conversation with the doctor to identify your needs and wishes.

3. Smile

the art of smiling again

Once the treatment is finished, and usually, after 24h of the surgery, you will receive a set of fixed teeth; or better said: your new permanent smile. It is now up to you to make the most of it: going to your favorite restaurant or spending quality time with your family – smiling.