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Fixed Denture with Zygomatic Implants


Our Patients

The patients who have had the chance to receive zygomatic implants now enjoy their new life embracing its details, like eating an apple or laughing out loud. Our mission with this page is to provide you will all the necessary information about zygomatic implants and connect you to certified, expert centers close to you: The ZAGA Centers. The patients reached out to us in the past for the following reasons:

Reason to have zygomatic implants


After Zygomatic Implants

1. Contact us

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2. Meet your Doctor

“Moving forward first requires a step to be taken” — and this is the first visit at the ZAGA Center. You will meet the team that will accompany you through your journey to get your smile back. A full diagnostic will take place, and a conversation with the doctor to identify your needs and wishes.

3. Smile

the art of smiling again

Once the treatment is finished, and usually, after 24h of the surgery, you will receive a set of fixed teeth; or better said: your new permanent smile. It is now up to you to make the most of it: going to your favorite restaurant or spending quality time with your family – smiling.