Dr. Eduardo Nicolaievsky
Specialist in Zygomatic Rehabilitation

Dr. Eduardo Nicolaievsky
Specialist in Zygomatic Rehabilitation

Fix your teeth with zygomatic implants in 24 hours. Bring your smile back and restore your quality of life with zygomatic implants!*
*This treatment is for patients who need partial or complete upper teeth denture.

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About Dr. Eduardo Nicolaievsky

Dr. Eduardo Nicolaievsky is an experienced Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon and specialist in zygomatic implant rehabilitation.

Furthermore, he is a respected and well-known member of ZAGA Centers – a global network of experts in zygomatic implant rehabilitation.

Dr. Nicolaievsky attends patients in Blum-Nico Oral Facial Surgery Associates, the first and only dental clinic in Miami Beach & Aventura certified by the ZAGA Centers group.

Why choose zygomatic implants to fix your teeth

  • Provide you with a fixed denture without a need for a bone graft
  • Can be loaded immediately after the surgery which means you will get new teeth in one day
  • Help you restore your smile, confidence, and the quality of life