Zygomatic implant complications

Overview of zygomatic implant treatments

Above all, zygomatic implants are a solution for patients suffering from severe bone loss, willing to have fixed teeth again. Up to four long implants anchor into the cheekbone to support a fixed set of teeth. The objective of the treatment is the quality of life of each patient. The treatment plan adapts to each patient’s dental history and personal goals. Thus it is essential to consider potential zygomatic implant complications that could affect the outcome of the procedure. 

Zygomatic implant potential complications

As with all surgeries, there is always potential for complications. The ZAGA Concept aims at preventing, not treating zygomatic implant complications. Additionally, the ZAGA Centers are referral centers for complications from other dental offices. The most commonly observed complications are the retraction of the gum tissue and chronic sinusitis. The objective of the treatment with zygomatic implants is to recover the quality of life that each patient lost over time due to teeth and bone loss. Zygomatic implant complications lower the daily quality of life of the patient. The ZAGA Centers have experience in preventing them.


Above all, the ZAGA Concept helps prevent zygomatic implant complications that arise from using other surgical techniques. Accordingly, our success rate proves this. Regarding the final quality of life, the dental prosthesis you will receive occupies a natural space in the mouth. Its dimensions are very similar to those of original teeth, which helps improve aesthetics, maintenance, and hygiene. Furthermore, each ZAGA Center follows up once or twice annually with each patient for hygiene and quality of life evaluation. Can you eat and masticate well? Are you happy with your smile? Did pain fade away? These questions are essential for the long-term success of the treatment. Finally, the ZAGA Centers will help you the best they can if you are currently suffering from zygomatic implant complications.