“I am no longer afraid that my teeth will fall”


Hi Cecilia, how are you? Why did you come here to the Hepler Bone Clinic?

I have had a history in my life, from the mouth: I have always suffered. It is one of my weak points. Although I have always taken care of myself, things had become very complicated and I suffered a lot.

I have had many cavities since I was little. The calcium? You could see I was missing. I had implants both above and below. Although they did it to me twice, they failed and then they told me that the only solution I had was to wear a denture. For a few years, I have been wearing dentures like older people.

The truth is that it had many drawbacks. I suffered a lot. I couldn’t eat well. I got many sores and the dentures always moved. And I spent all these sufferings alone; because these are things that you don’t like to explain either and also that I was rather young… The point is that in the end, I suffered; I lost a lot of weight: I couldn’t eat well, I couldn’t socialize. When I went to the beach I also had to be careful with the waves: I always had to put a lot of glue.


Finally, I realized that I had to find another solution. The people who treated me didn’t know anymore. I found Dr. Aparicio online and saw good reviews too. So I came here, to see what could be done.

On the day of the surgery, they placed zygomatic implants above and regular implants below. That same day they also took prints to have fixed teeth the next day.

Yes, right. That day was long. My life has changed totally. It’s funny that, if I had known, I would have done it sooner. I did not know this solution to my case, because it is a difficult one… and you are not explaining it to anyone either. You also do not have information and when you listen to certain professionals, they do not know it. I have been very lucky because my life has totally changed.

I think I have taken years off myself. Even though I am 52 years old, there will always be a before and an after. I don’t know what will happen in the future, but this last month, I have a much fuller social life: I want to go out, talk, speak normally. I am no longer afraid of my teeth moving, I am no longer afraid of dentures falling with the waves of the sea, when I play sports, I can laugh, I can speak, I sing …

I do not have to hook my teeth in the morning, nor the glass of water at night, even for my husband… It is everything: quality of life. I have improved a lot and I am very happy; I would like to share it also with people who have this. Of course, only the people who suffer from this know what it is.

If there is someone who lives this and also has some discomfort or a problem similar to mine … come here. They will welcome her very well and the doctor, well, he’s worth an empire. He travels a lot; but he will be there for them, for that person. Whether you are young or old, I think they can solve it and if they cannot, for some reason, if someone is worse than mine, they will tell you. Because they are very honest people and it is clear to them.

I am very happy to have gone through a small sacrifice, or a big one, which is like … well, then you forget and realize that it is worth it. I recommend it to people who have my problem. And remember that you are brave, you are brave …

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