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This portal is here to help you with zygomatic dental implants and associated treatments for the lack of buccal bone.

Above all, we are a group of professionals, worried about and focused on treating patients with severe dental problems. For the network of ZAGA Centers, each patient is unique from the dental anatomy to the nature of the problem leading to a first visit at the dental practice. Therefore, our purpose is to restore the quality of life of each patient knocking at our door. We are specialists in the treatment of severe lack of bone preventing implant placement. Consequently, we study, plan, and communicate with the patient to provide him/her with a full fixed denture in fine.

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What is a zygomatic dental implant? Why do I need zygomatic implants? How long does the treatment take, and how long does it last? Many patients reached out to us with specific questions and doubts about their future full denture rehabilitation or the placement of zygomatic implants. We compiled all questions into a Question and Answers dedicated section for you.

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Our patients share their testimonials to help you understand the treatment with dental zygomatic implants and fixed dentures. This treatment allowed them to eat a sandwich, bite into an apple, and laugh without fear of losing the denture again.

What do patients think? What is their experience with dental zygomatic implants? Take a close, personal look at patients’ testimonials having received treatment with zygomatic implants and discover how deeply their life has changed.